If we are to get this Wikia off and running there are a few things we need to do


Our primary goal should be to have ReNDoG promote this Wikia in some way

This would instantly increase viewership and the number of editors to crazy levels

CyerDog Community

I feel that the CyberDog comminity feels rather quiet. We need community activities/events

DogCraft Community Server

Commuity projects might be very fun. We could create a rail network linking all of the larger buildings together.

Video Editors

I know many of you community members post videos. Lets add a link to your channel on this wikia. We could share editing advice, help each other, or whatever else we think of.

Live Streaming

I think it would be very fun to watch community video producers make there videos. This is highly recommnded my Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia (one of the biggest YouTubers)

To Do List

  • Wiki ReNDoG (Make his page awesome)
    • Expand information
  • Increase Wikia Viewership
    • Tell other CyberDogs
    • Create/Improve Content
  • Increase Number of Editors
    • We only have one editor so far!!!
  • More Information
    • List of ReNDoG's stories
    • Butthole Threats
    • Growth of channel and community
    • history
    • Vonk Brothers details
  • Community Activities/Events
  • Pictures of his Minecraft world
    • Maps of MoleHole
    • Landmarks
      • MoleHole
      • Nether Temple
      • ButtHole (Mob Spawner)
      • Farms
        • Fields
        • Tree Field
        • Barn
        • Animal Pens
      • Lakeside Villa
      • Dog-Town
      • Sewers
      • Rail Station
      • Mining Outpost
      • Booty Ravine
      • Wizards Tower
      • Others I missed
      • Graveyard
      • Dogolith
    • Pets
  • Feed the Beast
    • ReNStar Design Model
    • Others I missed
  • Others I missed