Please do not break others User Profile.I have an bad grammar, sorry when i type something wrong., and also... The music here is sometimes kinda loud... Thats why i sometimes make an Box, which where you can stop or start it at any time.

Hello There!Edit

Some good friends here on the wiki.

The Tickle Monster SCP-999




Bed head zed




That Same Anon


Specimen 11


So... I have steam lol may add me, but please comment first, so that i don't mistake you as an phisher bot.

If you need any help with edits and stuff, i can tell you... trying to give the best answer.

"I try to make cute anime games, but they always turn into weird horror games." -Kira 2015

Welcome to my Profile, I know a bit of the Game "Spooky's House of Jump Scares".

Because i played it "Before" Famous Youtuber posted videos about it.

Aka: Ive seen enough.

So yeah, just posting some stuff that i saw, everyone who needs pictures about Specimen's can ask me, ill try to find them somehow... or just look in my Game Files.

I can't really make Pages about these specimens, First of all.. Grammar sucks,

I have no idea if i will get kicked out if im doing something wrong.

...So i guess im more likely the Camera Man and Music man.

Also, please keep the chat normal and simple..

Anyways.. my name is Schmidkalkan, simple editor and Chat Moderator here (I used to be an Chat Moderator in the past, but then i took an Admin in the Knee.) I often draw, i just like to draw.. but aren't that good though.

Most of the time i spend my time here, i can't really edit proberly though.

I just love Touhou and anime stuff... Edit

That Basically normal, so.. its nice to see other Anime fans here :<

Thats everything again for now, cya.:z

And yeah, my website is full with anime chunk.