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Feed the Beast (MineCrack)
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Mods MineCrack Modpack
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Goal Completion
Power Generation S1E25
Epic Storage Room

Cyber LabsEdit

Power SystemsEdit

Two nuclear reactors stationed in the ren star are outputting power directly into the "butthole" of the cyber labs. Keeping the labs capable of powering its ludicrous amount of machines. Including six quarries, a fully automatic recycling station, and multiply heavy power usage equipment.


module 1Edit

The RenStar currently has its first module complete, (the power module). It houses two nuclear reactors, six MFSU storage units, and a power control room which provides all necessary information for the many power storage/generating machines that are provided in the MindCrack pack. The power module focuses around a copper/iron trim. Incorporating slabs,covers, and half slabs. The corridors are long and narrow with lumar blocks illuminating them, which is "Sweeeeeet" in reNDog's opinion. There is a wooden golem array stationed underneath the RenStar that's job is to solely pick up and place fallen blocks and pipes in the pneumatic pipe system, these blocks are sucked back up into a chest in the RenStar that reNDog can check every now and then. RenDog hopes to finish power module soon, and get the renstar on its feet. We will see how the season goes.